Friday, April 1, 2011

Ali's 12 -3 months ago

Alexi Marie Salter, aka Ali, was born January 3, 1999 in Van Nuys, CA... our sweet little Valley Girl. She's 12 years old! Such a cute Young Woman! Notice no glasses -she got contacts... wow! getting really mature!

Ali loves to draw, write, travel, KFC, reading, cooking, swimming, nature, and she reads the comics every morning! I enjoy seeing her cute drawings around, reading her "Ali-made" comics and stories, discussing books and listening to her giggle as she reads the comics. I love watching her play with Sam and entertain the little kids, and her eyes light up when she sees something that makes her happy. In preschool Ali told her class that her favorite thing to do was sleep - she hasn't grown out of that. She also loves chocolate and blondies, chinese food, and trying new foods -she's fun to take to restaurants. She has a memory like an elephant and can quote books and movies... ask her -she's amazing. Ali's determined, funny and sparky! So glad she's a member of our family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, ours was a good one. Amazingly not a creature was stirring, except me (I'm the one trying to use telepathy to wake the kids), until 6:45 when Spencer woke up who promptly woke Ali and Sammy. Dave lit the tree and we hurried down the stairs to check out the stockings, then on to the presents, the long awaited presents.
I loved seeing everyones face light up and watching the kids watch each other hoping they liked what they got them. Sadly I just captured these images in my head, but they're wonderful and happy. Dave and Sam built a golf putting hole which Sam enjoyed for about 20 min then he was on his bike, Spencer played with the 4x4 and 2x2 rubik's cubes, uberstix and his laptop, Dave jammed with the kids to the Wii ACDC Rock Band, Ali explored her Pandigital e-reader which I had fun doing with her, and we enjoyed playing other cool games and eating way too many sweet treats. We had Ebilskivers, our traditional Christmas breakfast -ooo yummy! Listened to Christmas music, worked on a 750 piece puzzle, watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox (one of our favorites), called family, lounged and completely enjoyed our day. I love all the hanging with the family, smiles, singing and talk about our Savior Jesus Christ -what a magical time of year.
Hope you all have a wonderful and happy New Year -2011!

Christmas Lights

We always look forward to the eve of Christmas Eve (Dec. 23). It's a tradition that started 20 years ago, our 1st Christmas -sweeeet. We go look at lights, make personal pizzas, watch a movie, play games and sleep out by the lit Christmas Tree.
**This was our favorite Christmas light house. The Lynn's took us here Monday night but not all the lights were working so we went back. They started putting the display together back in August. It's amazing -synchronized to 15 min. of fun Christmas music that you tune in to when you pull up.
The address is 1054 Desert Olive Ct. and the lights will be going until New Years Eve. You won't be sorry you went. ;0)


Dave had the Scout campout at our house in November, so Ali and I went "out" and saw the Bluemen Group. Notice Ali's cover, we got locals 2-4-1 and sat on row 3 -the splash section. We thought they were great! The pic below is the band -they looked like stick figures getting groovy -loved them too.

The cool Green Stripe PJ cousins.

Double Trouble cutie pies.

Hanging with the cousins over Thanksgiving.

Grandma made the gingerbread houses and the kids had a great time decorating. Thanks Grandma!

Spencer woke up and said he wanted to get his hair cut short -total shock. (notice the pic just up above) He loves it.

Jazz Band -Spencer's the shortest trumpet player. He did super!

A fun surprise visit from Joey & Kristie & family. This is the Belagio Christmas exhibit.

Thanks for hanging out with Sammy and I for the day! Congrats Joey for passing your test!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lovin' Fall

Oops! here's a few more pics I wanted to remember from Zion -don't know how to move them. The kids, and Dave loved climbing and sliding down this rock on the Watchman trail.
Below is the really c-c-c-cold water they had fun in.

Hope you had a happy Halloween. We had a lovely time. Let me introduce you to my Big Bad Wolf Ali, Wild Thing Spencer, and BatSam.

The kids were out of school for Nevada Day (Friday, Oct 29) and staff development days (Monday and Tuesday, Nov 1st & 2nd) so we headed to Zion. We had awesome accomodations just outside of Zion at the Cable Mountain Lodge. My little brother Nate does a super job managing it. We bought our food and prepared it in the kitchen in our room which was so nice. We also saw a fun movie at the theater there, and we went swimming in the pool Monday morning. I was nervous because it was freezing (according to us Nevadans), 45 degrees, but the hot tub was so nice and the pool was surprisingly warm as well, 82 degrees. This is the Court of the Partiarchs.
Enjoying frisbee at the Lodge in Zion.
Sam was a bit frustrated that he couldn't always catch the frisbee so he caught a lizard instead.

There were so many animals around. There were about 10 of these big horn sheep on this mountain.

Here a deer is watching Spencer and Sam.

Here Spencer and Sam are watching a deer.

We love Zion especially in the Fall. The weather was just right and there weren't gobs of people, although plenty of Nevadans.;o)

I think we hiked 6 different trails, we tried to take in as much of the awesomeness around us, got in some good laughs, and just loved hanging out with us.
Yippee! Fall has arrived.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Sole" Sisters Activity

I had such a fun night last night. It was our Relief Society "Sole"Sisters activity. We've lost a lot of ladies who've moved over the last 6 months, but we've recently been gaining lots too -yea! Anyway last night we had a get-to-know-you activity where we were suppose to bring a shoe that somehow represents you and show and tell. I love the ladies in our ward, they're so smart, sassy, fun, talented, and amazing!

Check out these yummy desserts. Pretty clever huh.

"Sole" Sisters

As Relief "Sole"ciety Sisters we're all "laced" together,

I "loafer" thru service, callings, and interests we seek.

We'll "pump" up each other with "toe"tal endeavor,

Won't "boot" out the weary, we'll "wedge" up the weak.

The "platform" of "Sole" Sisters is not to be "sneakers",

Or "converse" about with a "slipper"y tongue.

I'll "stiletto" of grudges, forgive and "hike" on,

I'll cheer, lend an ear, and try to "flat" out be fun!


Happy Birthday Spencer!
What a terrific 14 year old! 13 was fun, I can't imagine what 14 holds in store. We love you!
Isn't he so handsome ready for his debut in Symphonic band.

Spencer got to march in the Green Valley High School Homecoming parade. Here he is with his band buddies.

On the field playing some pretty impressive music before the big game.