Friday, April 1, 2011

Ali's 12 -3 months ago

Alexi Marie Salter, aka Ali, was born January 3, 1999 in Van Nuys, CA... our sweet little Valley Girl. She's 12 years old! Such a cute Young Woman! Notice no glasses -she got contacts... wow! getting really mature!

Ali loves to draw, write, travel, KFC, reading, cooking, swimming, nature, and she reads the comics every morning! I enjoy seeing her cute drawings around, reading her "Ali-made" comics and stories, discussing books and listening to her giggle as she reads the comics. I love watching her play with Sam and entertain the little kids, and her eyes light up when she sees something that makes her happy. In preschool Ali told her class that her favorite thing to do was sleep - she hasn't grown out of that. She also loves chocolate and blondies, chinese food, and trying new foods -she's fun to take to restaurants. She has a memory like an elephant and can quote books and movies... ask her -she's amazing. Ali's determined, funny and sparky! So glad she's a member of our family.

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